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About Us


Our name was derived from Bauhaus, literally meaning "building house," a German modernist art movement. Bauhaus sought to unify art and technology into a single craft, allowing for a reimagined material world that combined beauty and function. Though radical for its time, Bauhaus ultimately became one of the most influential design movements of the twentieth century.

Add to that "hack," not in the sense of "to gain illegal access to a computer network, system, etc.," but rather, "a creatively improvised solution that increases productivity and efficiency."

It's now the twenty-first century. Computer screens are the new canvas. Revolutionary technology is reshaping the way we think and do everything, and our future holds tremendous potential. Innovation shouldn't be seen as a threat, but as an opportunity for us to evolve.

" Each period of civilization creates an art that is specific in it and which we will never see reborn."

- Wassily Kandinsky

Now that you know what inspired us: What are we, exactly?

We are...

A reason to put on pants instead of pajamas and get out of the house!

A space of shared interests, accountability, and support.

A place for the tech-inclined, the creative, and the entrepreneurial to connect and collaborate.

Outside of the Loop, but not out of the loop.

A place to meet new people and have engaging conversations.

A playground for tinkerers and thinkers to take ideas and put them into action.

A community that works hard and plays hard. We get things done and have fun doing it.

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And who are we?

We are...

A from-scratch start up that's still brand-new!

Independently owned and operated.

A grassroots group interested in the gains and goals of the common good.

A co-working space for ideas that move forward and up.

Uptown Proud!
Passionate, motivated, and determined.
An ecosystem of remote employees, entrepreneurs, early-stage startups, and everyone in between.
Tailored toward tech, but inclusive of everyone!




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Director of Operations and Community

Truth is, our story is just getting started!

While it's premature to say we're going to make as big an impact as the original Bauhaus movement did, we'd certainly like to try. Here at HackHaus, we strive to help individuals transition from dependence to interdependence, from centralization to decentralization. We aim to make it easier for those interested in accessing, learning about, and experimenting with fascinating technology that's reshaping the future.

Come join us; help us write our next chapter.

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