We've been busy BUILDING OUR HAUS, now it's time to BUILD OUR COMMUNITY!

Here at HackHaus we strive to be more than strangers working alongside each other in a shared work space.

We encourage members to get to know each other on a personal and professional level. Inspire & influence each other in positive ways. Ask questions, offer advice. Bounce ideas back and forth. Share feedback and feed off each other. Coworking allows for more minds from diverse industries tackle ideas for different angles.

HackHaus is home to freelance professionals, non-profits, entrepreneurial individuals and organizations. Below are the profiles of our peers and partners. Interested in learning more about these individuals and organizations? Click on their image to link to their site!


Blockchain Institute

Blockchain Institute is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity that provides education focused on blockchain, cryptocurrency, and distributed ledger technology.


Leaf is food and agriculture's data infrastructure company.  
We're committed to empowering software developers  to solve some of the world's most valuable health, economic, and environmental challenges.


CCHero enables senior living communities to create a unique and enhanced experience for seniors and families. We help keep families connected through a simple to use Family app and give them a glimpse into their social wellbeing.

Stewart + Co

Stewart + Company is a creative agency specializing in content marketing, design, and copywriting. We help businesses in financial services, technology, B2B, and healthcare build a smart, compelling content strategy and execute it successfully.


rockitcoin crypto cryptocurrency

Need to cash in some crypto? You can stop by and exchange your bills for Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, or Litecoin.

Founded in 2015, RockitCoin is a crypto blockchain based in Chicago. They're one of the largest bitcoin kiosk operators in the country and HackHaus happens to have one of their milestone machines!

"This installation marks yet another milestone in our company's growth," said Michael Dalesandro, CEO and founder of RockItCoin. "After installing machines across the country, it means a lot to install our 200th one in Chicago, where we started the company."


Thanks to our nearby neighbors, Everybody’s Coffee, for keeping us caffeinated throughout the day!


The specialty coffee shop has been a staple in the Uptown community for over six years and they bring us our very own HackHaus blend.

While you help us build our community, we want to help you build your business.


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