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Our Haus

HackHaus is a friendly place and we treat it more like a home than a shared office space... it's a Haus after all. Our Haus is a very very fine haus, it's  continuously being shaped by our community that work  here, evolving organically over time. Our hope is that it's a space where folk get work done and want to hang out after.

Transforming the building by blending together it's unique past with our present ambitions has been a labor of love. Exposted brick, eclectic wallpaper, vintage finds mixed with clean modern lines come together to create a funky atmosphere that's both inviting and inspiring.

Industrial Past >>> Innovative Future

Right from the start, our intent was to preserve our building's industrial past while making way for its innovative future. We wanted to highlight the original features we fell in love with while adding our own personal touch, even before becoming a coworking space was an idea.

2017 - The building was purchased to make way for the Blockchain Institute. A permanent home for the BI was the initial thought. But it was more than enough space for one organization. Quickly, the question became "what else can we do?"

2019 - Designing the place, adding our unique touches and maintaining the integrity of the building was a challenge with so much of the building having unique nuances.  Time went on and we found the right mix.

2018 - While demolition began, we realized we could make the space unique. A lot of time went into thinking about what stays and what's would be new. The idea of a coworking space began to form.

2020 - With time, we felt we were on to something, the finishing touches gave it the vibe and atmosphere we wanted to create. We hope you feel both welcome and productive every time you come through the doors.

We ARE...

Full of color and character!


Houseplants.... lots and lots of HAUSplants.



Perfectly imperfect. We move things, make things, we sometimes (but try no to) break things.


Layers, colors, patterns and texture.

Curated mix of old and new, bought and found, brought from home.

A curated collection of flea market finds, big box buys, Craigslist cast-offs, and things we’ve brought from our own homes.

Explore Our Space

4649 North Broadway, Chicago, IL 60640

312 620 4649       

Hours of Operation

M-F 8:00am-8:00pm

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