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Our Haus


HackHaus is a friendly place and we treat it more like a home than a shared office space... it's a Haus after all. Our Haus is a very very fine haus, it's  continuously being shaped by our community that work  here, evolving organically over time. Our hope is that it's a space where folk get work done and want to hang out after.

Transforming the building by blending together it's unique past with our present ambitions has been a labor of love. Exposted brick, eclectic wallpaper, vintage finds mixed with clean modern lines come together to create a funky atmosphere that's both inviting and inspiring.

Industrial Past >>> Innovative Future

Right from the start, our intent was to preserve our building's industrial past while making way for its innovative future. We wanted to highlight the original features we fell in love with while adding our own personal touch, even before becoming a coworking space was an idea.

First Floor


Flooded with lots of natural light to create a bright, comfortable area where people and ideas can flow freely, the first floor provides an open environment for members to sit and work from wherever they want.   

Rugs intermingle with work tables scattered throughout the space to create scaled work zones while “living room” lounge areas provide breakaway spots to relax and unwind. Our coworking space is your place, feeling at home is our goal.


Pop into the phone booth in the back to take a call in private or cook up a meal in the full kitchen.

Second Floor


The second floor provides a more secluded work environment for members with dedicated desks and private offices and is open to all members. Our media studio gives our members and guests access to high quality video, photography, and audio resources. Our meeting room provides an area for teams to brainstorm their next big idea, while additional lounge areas offer more breakaway places to sit back, relax and unwind.



The rooftop is our happy place. A place to both work and relax, you can bring your laptop and work on your tan and your project. It's a fun spot to hang out in and share a drink with coworkers that you'll find here at HackHaus. Fresh air, a beautiful view of our beloved Chicago, and great people make this feel like a place you want to come work at.

Explore Our Space

We ARE...


Full of color and character!


Houseplants.... lots and lots of HAUSplants.



Perfectly imperfect. We move things, make things, we sometimes (but try no to) break things.


Layers, colors, patterns and texture.

Curated mix of old and new, bought and found, brought from home.

A curated collection of flea market finds, big box buys, Craigslist cast-offs, and things we’ve brought from our own homes.